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Are you a Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) looking to enhance your marketing strategies, attract more tourism, and boost your region's economy?
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Why Localis?

Welcome to Localis, your trusted partner in leveraging data for destination marketing. We specialise in helping DMOs like yours make informed decisions using a combination of flight data, accommodation data, mobility data, and transaction data.

We understand that destination marketing is not just about promoting a location. It's about strategic planning, understanding your target audience, and using data to make informed decisions.

We're here to help you navigate this complex landscape with our unique combination of data analytics and industry expertise..

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What We Offer

Event Analysis

Ever wondered about the economic impact of an event in your region or even in a neighbouring region? We conduct specific event analysis to assist in event reporting.

Competitor Research

We collect data from major booking portals and combine them to give your destination the most accurate insight into supply, demand, and online visibility for your region.

Forecasting Demand

A combination of historical data and future booking information, provides a forecast of visitation to the region 12 months into the future. Focus marketing efforts to increase demand.

Marketing Effectiveness

We help you clearly identify how your marketing campaigns have contributed to travel demand, allowing you to fine-tune budgets and ensure maximum ROI.

Accommodation Metrics

Data from major booking portals to give your destination the most accurate insight into supply, demand, and online visibility for your region.

Flight Data

We bring to the destination marketer the most crucial insights from flight data, including unserved routes and differences in interest at a city level.

Our Data

We combine multiple data sets to present accurate data for your region.

Flight Data

Flight data empowers Destination Marketing Organisations by providing insights into visitor patterns, enriching tourism planning, optimising transportation logistics, and refining targeted marketing tactics.

Accommodation Data

Accommodation data assists DMOs in assessing occupancy rates, identifying stay patterns, and understanding seasonal fluctuations. This valuable information guides strategic planning for accommodation, infrastructure development, and the creation of balanced policies.

Transaction Data

Transaction data provides destination marketing organisations with a clear picture of local expenditure trends, facilitating the analysis of economic patterns, the provision of business support, and the forecasting of budgets.

Mobility Data

Mobility data sheds light on movement patterns within Destination Marketing Organisations' regions, assisting in pinpointing high-traffic areas, planning public transportation, and enhancing the overall livability of the area.
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Client Testimonials

Event reporting has previously been a very time-consuming effort and often, the required data has not been on-hand for us to build the reports that we need. By using Localis, we have been able to drastically reduce our reporting time and have a better understanding of what is happening in our region and why.

Mel Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Destination Marketing?

Destination Marketing is the process of communicating to a target audience to attract visitors and positive economic impact to a specific geographic location.

What is a destination marketing organisation?

A Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) is an organisation responsible for promoting a town, city, region, or country in order to increase the number of visitors.

Why is destination marketing important?

Destination marketing is crucial as it helps in attracting tourists, which in turn boosts the local economy.

It also helps in creating a positive image of the destination, attracting investments, and promoting cultural exchange.

What is the importance of marketing in the tourism industry?

Marketing in the tourism industry is essential as it helps in promoting a destination, attracting tourists, and generating economic growth.

It also helps in understanding the needs and preferences of the tourists, thereby offering them a personalised experience.

Examples of destination marketing

Destination marketing can take various forms such as digital campaigns, social media promotions, events, PR activities, and collaborations with influencers or travel agencies.

For instance, a city might launch a digital campaign showcasing its unique cultural heritage to attract tourists interested in cultural tourism.