Localis aids the accomodation industry by transforming raw data into actionable insights, helping understand the market better, optimise services, and ultimately enhance guest experiences.
Location Analytics, Actionable Results

Boost Your Accommodation Business

Localis helps accomodation providers unravel visitor trends, optimise your occupancy rates, and decode customer spending habits.

Strategically position your offerings in high-traffic areas by making informed, data-driven decisions that propel your marketing, capacity planning, staffing and revenue management to new heights.

Why Localis?

Custom, implementable intelligence and user-friendly interface, serves as a strategic ally for accommodation providers, empowering them to excel in a competitive landscape.


Forecast demand, optimize operations, identify trends, and strategize competitively for enhanced profitability.


Compare performance metrics, identify industry standards, and strategic positioning for competitive advantage.


Targeted campaigns, customer segmentation, and effective positioning to enhance visibility and customer engagement.


Clear insights into performance metrics, trends, and outcomes to support informed decision-making and strategy development.

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Our Data

We combine multiple data sets to present accurate data for your business.

Flight Data

For accommodation providers, flight data serves as a valuable tool to comprehend visitor patterns, enriching their approach to tourism planning, transportation logistics, and the creation of bespoke marketing strategies.

Accommodation Data

Analysing accommodation data provides insights into occupancy rates, stay durations, and seasonal fluctuations, which can guide strategic planning, infrastructure development, and the creation of well-informed policies.

Transaction Data

Snapshot local spending habits, facilitate the understanding of economic trends, enable the provision of targeted business support, and aiding in accurate budget forecasting.

Mobility Data

Shed light on movement trends pinpointing high-traffic zones, plan public transportation, and enhancing the overall appeal and livability of their locale.

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