Understanding your travelers, optimising routes, and increasing revenue are critical aspects of airport management. If these are areas you're looking to improve, you've arrived at the right place. Let's explore how your airport can reach its full potential.
Location Analytics, Actionable Results

Your Partner in Airport Optimisation

Localis is a data analysis service provider dedicated to the aviation industry. We utilize a unique combination of accommodation, mobility, transaction, and flight data to facilitate informed decision-making processes.

Our data-centric methodology empowers you to present compelling business cases to airlines, pinpoint key carriers, and initiate effective joint marketing campaigns, all aimed at enhancing growth and efficiency.

Key Trends and Competitive Analysis

Localis provides you with the critical insights required to make informed decisions based on our data. This allows you to anticipate and navigate industry trends effectively.

By utilising Localis, you're not just responding to market changes, but strategically shaping your actions to lead within the market.

Predict Passenger Flow

Analyse data from various sources to understand how demand is developing for specific routes and carriers.

Estimate Retail Revenue

Identify potential opportunities for new non-stop services based on existing demand.

Right Airline, Right Slot Time

Delve into passenger preferences to determine which slot times are most popular with different customer segments.

Identify Key Carriers

 Provide real-time data on your busiest and most popular airlines, both currently and projected for the next 12 months.

Grow Your Network

Identify popular routes that benefit from increased competition to enhance customer choice, stimulate market competition, and increase revenue.

Collaborate to Win

Launch joint marketing campaigns that align with your objectives and those of individual airlines.

Why Localis?

Actionable intelligence and a user-friendly interface. Empowering you to navigate the dynamic and competitive aviation industry with ease, we are here to help you thrive and achieve your business goals.


Forecast demand, optimise operations, identify trends, and strategise competitively for enhanced profitability.


Compare performance metrics, identify industry standards, and strategic positioning for competitive advantage.


Targeted campaigns, customer segmentation, and effective positioning to enhance visibility and customer engagement.


Clear insights into performance metrics, trends, and outcomes to support informed decision-making and strategy development.

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Unique Services

Our Data

We combine multiple data sets to present accurate data for your business.

Flight Data

Understand visitor patterns and approach to tourism planning and targeted marketing strategies. Leverage the power of flight data to optimise your offerings and stay ahead in the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry.

Accommodation Data

Valuable insights into occupancy rates, stay durations, and seasonal fluctuations through comprehensive analysis of accommodation data. Harness this knowledge to drive strategic planning.

Transaction Data

Uncover local spending habits and gain a deep understanding of economic trends. Unlock targeted business support opportunities with this invaluable insight. Accurately forecast budgets and propel your hospitality business to new heights of success.

Mobility Data

Unveil visitor demographics, analyse movement trends, and elevate the allure of your restaurant or bar. Gain a strategic advantage to effectively plan and create irresistible offers that leave a lasting impression on visitors, setting your business apart.

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