International travel is back!

So where are Australians looking to travel to?

November 2, 2021

International travel is back and to celebrate, we wanted to examine where people are looking to travel for their next international trip. 

The data in the below tables examine searches that have occurred in the past 3 months from people who are looking to travel from November 2021 to February 2022. 

With Australia being locked off to the rest of the world for nearly 2 years now, it’s no surprise that VFR appears to be dominating the destination that people are looking to travel to, with India and the UK ranking very high in travel searches and also ranking in the top 5 countries that immigrate to Australia.

Interestingly, Indonesia (Bali) was the 2nd most visited destination from Australia in 2019 but only ranked 18th in travel research. It does seem as though Australia has gone cold on Bali until the tourist hot spot is back up and running which is good news for Australian beachside towns. We have broken down national data as well as each state so that you are able to see the preferences of each states international travel.


Source: Skyscanner October 2021

Australia wide searches for international travel

Sydney searches for international travel

Melbourne searches for international travel

Brisbane searches for international travel

Darwin searches for international travel

Adelaide searches for international travel