Local Government Areas

We are a team that loves to solve real world problems by using data

The Opportunity

While covid continues to cause uncertainty and disruptions globally, there is a window in the short-mid term for LGAs to attract new people and new investment to their region.  Australians are not only prioritising domestic holidays, but they are also moving out of metro areas to more regional parts of the country.

The Challenge

To understand migration patterns and economic indicators properly, economic development managers, CEOs and all levels of local government need to have access to accurate real time data that is tailored to their region.

The Solution

Localis’s LGA solution combines the power of big data and AI to deliver a solution that non data science people can easily use. You will have the power to not only understand who is coming to your region but also what they are doing while they are there, how long they are spending in region and the economic benefit to the region as whole, all in one the place

LGAs are using Localis data to help secure more economic benefit for their region.

Grant Writing

Grant applications are an extremely important avenue for LGAs to get access to more revenue for their region. Having access to Localis’s massive database along with the services to assist with writing the grant will not only save you hours of your time, it will help you win more grants!

Event Analysis

If you have ever been required to report back on the economic impact of an event in region or even in a neighbouring region, then wonder no more. Localis conducts specific event analysis to assist in LGAs event reporting from the small to the very large.

Infrastructure Projects

From analysing the impact of a new road to identifying opportunities for healthcare investment, Localis has worked on key infrastructure projects all over the country. Simply brief us on your challenge and we will work with the LGAs or third parties to bring you a solution that is grounded in statistics, not guesswork.

Tourism Profiles

If you have ever wondered not only where tourists are coming from but also what they are doing in town, how long they are staying and who the people are, then wonder no more. Localis can provide these metrics and many more in an easy to use dashboard that you are able to share with everyone in your region at a moments notice.


Want to know what supply / demand is in your region? What about rental yields versus other regions? Or what about understanding the impact of Air BnB on the local community? Localis is able to drill down into housing and provide an accurate picture of what’s happening in your area.