Destination Marketing Organisations

We are a team that loves to solve real world problems by using data

The Opportunity

It’s not secret that Australians love to travel and with international travel no longer on the cards due tocovid-19, $60B+ in exported revenue is now up for grabs in the domestic market. Aussie travellers are ticking off their domestic bucket lists and regional areas are the big winners.

The Challenge

To ensure that regions are ready to capitalise on the new domestic market, Destination Marketers not only need access to real time data that allows them to gain a much deeper insight into their region but also allow them to measure their marketing activities.

The Solution

Localis’s Destination Marketing solution combines the power of big data and AI to deliver a solution that non data science people can easily use. You will have the power to not only understand who is coming to your region but also what they are doing while they are there, how long they are spending in region and the economic benefit to the region as a whole.

DMOS are using Localis data to help secure more economic benefit for their region.

Event Analysis

If you have ever been required to report back on the economic impact of an event in region or even in a neighbouring region, then wonder no more. Localis conducts specific event analysis to assist in LGAs event reporting from the small to the very large.

Competitor Research

Want to benchmark yourself against a competing destination or simply provide context into how your destination is performing? Localis is able to provide multiple destination insights together in the one platform.

Forecasting Demand

By using a combination of historical data and future booking information, Localis is able to provide a forecast of visitation to the region 12 months into the future. Destinations can then focus their marketing efforts to iron out low periods and measure the impact of marketing on visitation, not just digital metrics.

Marketing Effectiveness

Clearly identify how your marketing campaignshave contributed to travel demand, allowing you to fine tune budgets and ensuremaximum ROI.

Accommodation Metrics

Localis collects data from the major booking portals and combined together to give your destination the most accurate insight into supply, demand and online visibility for your region. We also include all the key metrics that you need for internal reporting such as:

- Average Occupancy
- Average Daily Rate
- Reservation Window
- Review scores
- Number of listings
- Supply Capacity
- Length of stay

Flight Data

Localis brings to the destination marketer the most crucial insights from flight data including:

Unserved Routes: It combines flight schedule data with traveller demand insights to show you where there’s untapped demand for new direct services.  If someone is searching to come to your destination but there is no service to bring them, Unserved routes will quantify the opportunity for you.

Understand differences in interest at a city level: By understanding where a search took place, we are able to identify if high value markets are interested in coming to your destination or if they are researching a competitor.