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The Opportunity

It is no secret that Australians love to travel, which provided airports unprecedented growth for both domestic and international routes for over a decade. In 2020, covid-19 put brakes on the travel industry as a whole and especially airports which have proven to be incredible growth drivers for the local economy. As airports look to the future on how best to open up new routes, they need access to real time data in order to make the most informed decisions on managing these opportunities.

The Challenge

To ensure that regions are ready to capitalise on the new domestic market, Destination Marketers not only need access to real time data that allows them to gain a much deeper insight into their region but also allow them to measure their marketing activities.

The Solution

Localis brings together the best of technology and data to provide airports the ultimate tool to have their finger on the pulse of what is happening in the travel sphere, to take advantage of new and emerging markets.

Catchment Analysis

Learn more about your travellers and target them better by knowing where they come from and where potential customers live. 

Understand how effective your airport is at capturing local demand

By using a combination of airport demand and mobility data from 9 million opt in and anonymous devices, Localis is able to provide airports an understanding into how an airport is performing in relation to their competitor set. If you have ever wondered how many locals are flying out from a competitor airport and the routes that those people take, this analysis will help solve answer questions.

Analyse why there is leakage to other airports

Once there is understanding into who uses your airport and your competitors, Localis can then help answer the “why”. Is it more cost effective to drive to a competing airport or is demand more a factor of route flexibility? Is it more a focus on leisure vs work travel? Airports can then use this data to attract new routes to the region and have confidence that they will succeed.

Unserved Routes

Unserved Routes combines the power of flight schedule data with traveller demand insights to show you where there’s untapped demand for new direct services.

Restart more flights

Use our data to drive negotiations with carriers showing there’s sufficient demand to restart routes which might have been dropped. Get the data you need to build strong business cases for new routes, without having to rely on airlines approaching you.

Unlock new revenue

Put forward a successful business case to airlines about launching new routes, using insights on average fares, traveller demand and redirect conversion rates.  

Key Trends and Competition Analysis

Learn what routes are trending in real time and gain insight into how you cancapitalize and what your competitors are pursuing.